Securing documents within PeopleSoft is not a built in function. This is easily remedied by utilizing various approaches within the systems you already use to generate documents.

The following are various options, currently available, to securing documents during the RFP/RFQ/Bid process.

  • Users can make documents password protected using password protection capabilities in Microsoft or Adobe PDF prior to uploading the document. Departments can then set up a system for distributing a password based on criteria set (e.g. signing a confidentiality agreement).  Instructions will need to be provided in the sourcing event for how to handle these scenarios outside of the system, as is currently the process

  • Departments should consider carefully whether uploading confidential data is necessary.  This applies in particular to sensitive data including bank routing numbers, SSNs, TINs, etc.  

  • Departments could also elect not to post the secure documents in PeopleSoft and instead provide instructions to access such secure documents manually