In Financials and Procurement, it is possible for Suppliers to enter their invoices online in the system.  These suppliers who are set up to enter their invoices online are referred to as eSettlement Suppliers. All eSettlement Suppliers must submit their invoices electronically through the system.

Departments that use online invoicing with their suppliers, like the PUC and DPW, will continue this practice within the Financial and Procurement system with the Financials & Procurement Go Live on July 3rd.  These current online invoicing suppliers will see minimal change in procedures with new system. 

Additional suppliers will be added to the group of eSettlement Suppliers over time.  Because the City's supplier pool is large and many suppliers have not registered in the new system, registration and training on electronic submission procedures will be an ongoing process.  The City will need to make a concerted outreach effort to have suppliers register in the new system and train their staff. 

One benefit of the new system and having a central repository of suppliers is that once a supplier is in the system, their record can be used by any City department