Hello SF Financials and SF Procurement users,

A Payroll dashboard update is coming today, July 22, 2019! We also made updates to the Prior Year Budget vs. Actual Reports dashboard to reflect another budget year’s data. Please see more details below.

Temporary Salaries dashboard

You will no longer see the Salary & Fringe Benefits Overview report because it was based on GL data with very low usage. However, you can still extract this from BvA reports.

There is a new Temporary Salaries dashboard with information predating the introduction of temp salary account codes in FYE 2020. You can use this to track temporary workers’ Labor Actuals. The four reports are:

Temporary Salaries Summary Prior to FYE 2020

Temporary Salary Details Prior to FYE 2020

Temporary Salaries Summary

Temporary Salary Details

Finally, we updated the Salary & Fringe Benefits Details report with faster run times and the Payroll Dashboard prompts with ‘Contains’ search for all Chart Fields so your searches are more flexible.

Users who are currently using their saved custom views for any of the Payroll dashboard pages should create new customized views after Payroll dashboard pages are updated.

Please contact SF Employee Portal Support with questions. 

Prior Year Budget vs. Actual dashboard updates

We renamed the Prior Year Budget vs. Actual dashboard Prior Years End Balance for clarity.

The Carryfoward Out columns are now named Encumbrance Carryfoward Out and Other Carryforward Out.

· Encumbrance Carryfoward Out represents the dollar value of encumbered POs rolled to the new budget year. Please be aware the Budget Year FY18 Continuing Fund will return with $0 because the year end process was different

· Other Carryfoward Out represents dollar value carryforward to the new budget year that are not encumbrances carryforward-related

·    We added the following Additional Filter Prompts:

· Budget Year defaults to the most recent prior year, currently FY19

· Annual/Continuing defaults to no selection to display both types of funds

We are working on adding a fiscal period as another prompt selection.



SF Employee Portal Support