The Controller’s Office, in partnership with the Contract Monitoring Division (CMD), launched citywide access to LBE Participation and Utilization Dashboards in SF Reports & Analytics! These dashboards provide information that is updated nightly by syncing with departmental contracts in SF Procurement as well as payment and affidavit reporting by prime and subcontractors in SF Procurement. The new dashboards enable easy access to proactively validate data accuracy, correct or update contract information, and reach out to Suppliers with reminders about the timely online submittal of contractually required information.

Departments that use SF Procurement can perform Supplier payments and affidavit filings 24/7 through the San Francisco City Partner Site. Automated departmental and citywide reporting for Supplier payment completion is now available on your LBE Participation and Utilization Dashboards.

For more information about LBE Participation and Utilization Dashboards, please read the following articles:

If you need assistance, please contact SF Employee Portal Support. SOLIS III users can direct questions to their SOLIS administrators.