Q: When can I access the new user interface?

 You can access the new user interface of SF People & Pay and SF Learning on Monday, April 27, 2020. The update will include SF People & Pay and SF Learning.


Q: Why is the City and County of San Francisco doing this update?

A: The City needs to stay current on the latest version of PeopleSoft. This update will also improve security, apply bug fixes, and enhance user experience through a new user interface.


Q: Is my computer compatible with the new user interface?

A: Yes, all our PeopleSoft applications are browser-based. Please also see the question below about browsers.


Q: Is the new user interface compatible with all browsers?

A: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers are compatible with the new user interface. Google Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers for Controller’s Office enterprise applications. Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) does not meet modern security standards and will not allow you to log into the system.


Q: Which specific systems were updated for the upcoming PeopleSoft Update?

A: The April 27 PeopleSoft Update will include SF People & Pay and SF Learning.



What to expect


Q: What changes can I expect to see on April 27?

A: Changes will include new homepages, dynamic page sized, and new features in Position Management. 

  • When you log in, you will see homepages with tiles linking you to the most frequently used SF People & Pay and SF Learning pages
  • More pages will dynamically change size based on your device so that you don’t have to scroll to view content on smaller screens
  • You will also see new features in Position Management, see question regarding new Position Management features for more information.


Q: What new features will be available in Position Management?

A: The following new features will be available in Position Management.

  • New Effective Sequence field that allows users to update multiple rows with the same effective date
  • Activity Guide available when creating and updating positions that walks users through the position pages, and provides a summary of changes prior to submitting a new row


Q: How will the update impact my work?

A: The update is designed to make PeopleSoft easier to navigate and more intuitive so that you can more easily access the pages you need to do your work. There are no associated business process or policy changes.


Q: What kind of new functionalities can I look forward to?

A: You can look forward to the following new features:

  • WorkCenters that identify pending items, such as pending Payable Time
  • New features in Position Management, see questions regarding new Position Management features for more information.
  • A built-in back button and home menu bar


Q: Can I still see my Favorites?

A: Links to your favorite navigation pages will not migrate to the new interface because many pages were updated and links changed.  However, we designed new homepages and Navigation Collections with the most commonly used pages in mind.


Q: Will my Query Favorites be available on April 27?

A: Yes, queries you saved under My Favorites will be available in your Query Viewer.

Q: Is the Favorites tab still at the top left of the screen?

A: The Nav Bar is located on the top right of the screen. You can use it to create and update your Favorites. Please refer to How to Add and Edit Navigation Page Favorites for more details.


Q: I lost the personalization on my timesheet after the PeopleSoft Update, and I don't see the Personalize link.  How can I personalize my timesheet?

A: Follow the steps below to personalize your timesheet.

Step 1: Access the grid icon on the upper-left corner of your timesheet and select Personalize

Step 2: From the Grid Customization, select the field(s) you wish to freeze or hide.  You can also use the up and down arrows to arrange the order you'd like your fields to show.

Q: Is there an improvement in performance?

A: There should be no change to performance. 


Q: Can I still see breadcrumbs that help me know how to get back to a page I recently visited?

A: The new user interface doesn’t have breadcrumbs, but you can navigate through the same historical folder structure via the Nav Bar on the right side of the screen. Please refer to the Quick Reference Guide: Fluid Navigation for more information about the Nav Bar


Q: Are there changes to BI dashboards?

A: No, there won’t be changes to BI Dashboards (SF Reports & Analytics).



What's next


Q: Can I test the user interface before April 27?

A: Thanks for your interest! We will hold user testing sessions from February 24 through March 6 to give users the opportunity to preview the new interface and features.  Enrollment is required to participate in one of these sessions. Please see the SF Employee Portal Alert “Navigation and Position Management User Testing Now Available!” for more information.