The Position Administration page allows users to access transactional pages where they can create, update and approve positions, and view other pages related to the position management process.





Position Administration Tiles


Click Create/Update Positions  to create new positions and update the attributes of existing positions

Click Position Management  to view existing position data and other pages related to the position management process

Below is a list of transactional pages available in the Position Management Navigation Collection






Click  to approve positions submitted through Request-to-Fill process.



Search for an Existing Position




Request Details



System will auto-increment Effective Sequence number based on Effective Date of transaction




Activity Guide



Activity Guide walks users through the steps of creating new positions and updating existing positions

  • System assigned Effective Sequence appears on the upper left-hand corner of the page
  • Activity Guide Step 4 allows users to add attachments
  • Users can view position information and history when updating attributes of existing positions
    • Position Information and Position History opens in a new window for side-by-side comparison




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