This job aid describes the processes for identifying and Prioritizing Requisition and PO approvals for COVID-19 procurements. 

The following topics are covered in this job aid:

  • Setting Requisitions for COVID-19 Procurements to High Priority
  • Filtering for High Priority Requisitions in Fluid Approvals
  • Entering Project and Activity Codes, Purchasing Authority and Setting the Priority to High for COVID-19 POs
  • Using the Buyer Workbench to Search for COVID-19 Pending POs Using Project and Activity Code
  • Using Fluid Approvals to Approve COVID-19 POs

Audience: Requisition Processors, PO Processors, Requisition Approvers, PO Approvers

Author:Patrick Rice

Version: 2.0

Update Date: 04/23/2020

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