This solution article defines the status of SF Employee Portal Support tickets, and how each status impacts Service Level Agreements (SLAs).



Definition of SF Employee Portal Support Ticket Statuses


  • Open – Your submitted requests default to status “Open.”  Tickets with a different status also revert to an “Open” status when you reply to a ticket.


  • Work in Progress – An SF Employee Portal Support agent is working on a resolution


  • Waiting on Customer – Ticket status when an agent requires your action or response.  The agent will update your ticket to “Resolved” if the required action or response is not received within 5 business days.


  • Waiting on Third Party – Used when the resolution of your ticket is depended on a unit outside of the Systems Division of the Controller’s Office, such as the Payroll Division of the Controller's Office, the Department of Human Resources and other City agencies 


  • Resolved– Your ticket is marked “Resolved” when the agent is reasonably sure they have provided a solution.  This ticket will update to:
    1. Status “Open” if you respond within three days
    2. Status “Closed” if you do not respond within three days


  • Closed– Status indicates that your ticket is permanently closed when:
    1. You confirm that the issue has been resolved
    2. You do not respond to a “Resolved” ticket within three days.

A ticket will not re-open if you respond to a closed ticket.  If you find that the issue on a closed ticket has not been resolved, please submit a new request referencing the old ticket number.




Status Impact on Service Level Agreements


The SF Employee Portal Support team is committed to resolving tickets submitted through a service request within a specific time period.  This resolution deadline is what we refer to as Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and are defined by the type of service request you submit on the solution center.  


The status of your service request ticket can impact the SLA timer.  Please see the table below for more information.


Ticket Status

Impact on Service Level Agreement Timer


SLA timer begins when a ticket is submitted


Initial SLA does not reset timer when a ticket with a different status reverts back to “Open” as a result of your reply

Work in Progress

SLA timer continues

Waiting on Customer

SLA timer is off. SLA timer resumes when ticket status updates to “Open” or “Work in Progress”

Waiting on 3rd Party

SLA timer is off. SLA timer resumes when ticket status updates to “Open” or “Work in Progress”


SLA timer is off.  SLA timer resumes when your ticket reverts back to “Open” as a result of your response


SLA timer is off



NOTE: Tickets submitted without a service request, e.g., requests sent by email or phone calls, do not have pre-defined SLAs.  Resolution time on a request that is not associated with a service request is not guaranteed.





Please reach out to the SF Employee Portal Support team.