The COVID Hours Dashboard available in SF Reports & Analytics is intended to provide departments information they can use to reconcile disaster recovery (COVID-19) related hours reported through online ICS 214 forms and the SF People & Pay timesheet.

You can access the COVID Hours Dashboard and the reports included in the dashboard two different ways.

1. Under the Frequently Used Dashboards section of your homepage


2. Under Mondays and Tuesdays of the COVID-19 Daily Dashboard tab’s Review By Day section



The COVID-19 Hours Dashboard consists of four tabs with a total of five reports. The reports include only regular worked hours, overtime hours and compensatory time associated with disaster recovery related work and reported through online ICS 214 forms and the SF People & Pay timesheet.  Use the fields on the left of each report to filter your data.


ICS 214 and Labor Hours Summary

  • ICS 214 Submission Summary by Pay Period – provides a count of department online ICS 214 forms submitted for each pay period. This report counts only one entry per person per day on a bi-weekly interval. If an employee submits multiple forms associated with a single workday, only one of the reports for that day will be included in the count. Click on the graphic bar to drill for a detailed report.




  • ICS 214 and Labor Hours Department Summary - displays the department total incident hours reported per pay period through online ICS 214 forms and SF People & Pay timesheet.  This report also includes a total of ICS 214 online submissions. Click the department group to drill to the ICS 214 and Labor Hours by Division report.





 ICS 214 and Labor Hours Detail

  • ICS 214 and Labor Hours by Employee – displays detailed employee incident hour submissions on a daily level.  This report allows users to compare hours reported through online ICS 214 forms and SF People & Pay timesheets. The Data Flags column provides information on possible entry discrepancies for the day.




ICS 214 Entry Discrepancies

  • ICS 214 Entry Discrepancies – recommended as the first report to run when reconciling disaster recovery hours, this report displays information that employees submit through online ICS 214 forms, with discrepancies against time reported in SF People & Pay identified under the Data Flags column. Discrepancies are defined at the top of the report. Click the discrepancy to drill to the ICS 214 Details report (ICS 214 and Labor Hours by Employee) or ICS 214 Labor Hour Details report (ICS Form 214 Entries). The No COVD Hrs flag identifies employees with ICS 211 electronic registration check-ins, but do not have ICS 214 entries and no COVID hours reported. 


ICS Detailed Entries

  • ICS FORM 214 Entries - displays all employee online ICS 214 submissions with full activity description. Departments can compare the original Employee ID, Incident Date and hours entered on ICS 214 forms to verify data entry typos.




Future Enhancements to the COVID Hours Dashboard

Please note that the look and feel of the reports on the COVID Hours Dashboard may change as we continue our efforts to enhance your experience in SF Reports and Analytics.



New to SF Reports & Analytics?

If you are new to SF Reports & Analytics and need more information, please see the BI Job Aids section of your homepage, which contains training resources such webinars and navigation job aids.




Questions regarding the COVID Hours Dashboard?

Please reach out to the SF Employee Portal Support team.