This solution article provides instructions on how to set your time reporting preferences to select timesheet defaults.

Step 1: From the SF Employee Portal, click the Time Reporting Preference link under EMPLOYEE LINKS of the MY LINKS tab


Note: SF People & Power Users who have access to the SF People & Pay link to complete human resources and payroll functional tasks, can also access Time Reporting Preferences through their My Time Navigation Collection accessible from their Power User Self Service homepage.

Step 2: On the Time Reporting Preferences page, you can update the following three items to set your timesheet defaults. 


TRC Presentation – Select the display format of your time reporting code.   


Your timesheet defaults to the Code-Description format. Switch your TRC Presentation to the Description-Code format to easily find like absences.


Default Timesheet Display – Select your preference from a daily, time reporting period, or weekly timesheet display.


Start Day of Week – Select the start day of your timesheet. We recommend you leave the default setting for Saturday, so your timesheet is aligned with the beginning of a pay period.


Step 3: Click the SAVE button when you are done setting your time reporting preferences.



Please reach out to the SF Employee Portal Support team.