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General Ledger


  • Added the ability to update a field for multiple invoices en masse.
  • Enhanced Billing pages to display search options for an invoice and range selection ID.

Accounts Receivable

  • Enhanced the Advanced Search Page to include additional search criteria, when listing items.
  • Enhanced the Billing Invoice to display the Billing Source and Billing Specialist for Receivable items.
  • Enhanced the Revenue Estimates Exceptions and Direct Journal Budget Exceptions pages, in the Receivables Work Center, to only display errors and not include warnings.
  • Enhanced the Payment Predictor feature by improving the hit rate. The system now includes all customers in the customer hierarchy.

Grants Management

  • Enhanced the Award Profile component by adding a link to view the rate sets and plans associated with the contract.
  • Enhanced the Award profile page to display the Commitment Control begin and end dates.




  • Enhanced the Purchasing dispatch process by adding the ability to include the closed line amount in a Purchase Order (PO) total and the Buyer’s email to dispatch history and reports to improve transparency for both departments and Suppliers. Dispatch Purchase Order (PO) job aid.
  • Removed the Location field from the Par Count search feature to reduce the extra steps and incorrect item counts search results.

Supplier Contracts 

  • Enhanced DocuSign integration to allow users to DocuSign documents uploaded using the Attachments/Related Documents hyperlink in addition to the main document.

Strategic Sourcing

  • Enhanced the Manage Evaluations and My Evaluations features by allowing users to reopen an evaluation. For My Evaluations, the evaluator is able to reopen a submitted or omitted evaluation and make adjustments. For Manage Evaluations, the evaluation owner can reopen an evaluation to allow the evaluator to make adjustments.
  • Enhanced the Create and Copy Evaluation features by adding two new options. The first option allows users to copy an existing supplier evaluation to any number of other suppliers, over the same period, using the same template and also allows evaluation by the same Sourcing Event Collaborators. The second option allows the selection of multiple source evaluations to create evaluations for the next calendar period.
  • Enhanced the Manage and Post results feature to share evaluation results with reviewers via email. The email contains a link to view the evaluation results as long as the reviewer has proper access.
  • Enhanced the Event Invitation Notifications feature to consider the Event Start Date.
  • Enhanced the Approval process to include Pushback functionality for Supplier Contract Clause and Documents, in both Classic and Fluid Approvals. This option allows an approver to push an approval request back to the previous approver for review.


  • Fixed pricing issues with Par Location "Non-Stock" Requisitions not defaulting to the Priority 1 Vendor price. Note that existing Par items must still be updated to non-stock as appropriate.