eSettlements is an electronic invoicing and payment solution that enables approved Suppliers to easily submit invoices directly to City departments through the SF City Partner site. 

While this functionality is not currently available to all Suppliers, the Office of the Controller and Office of Contract Administration will begin onboarding Suppliers and department Purchasing and Accounts Payable teams to eSettlements in March 2021. 

What are the benefits of eSettlements and the SF City Partner Portal?

  • Immediate invoice processing – Upload invoices directly to the SF City Partner site instead of waiting for City staff to process your invoice
  • Faster payments – Automated purchase order and receipt matching enables the City to process and approve payments faster*
  • Zero paper – All online processing, no more paper invoices, including the ability to provide supporting documents with the electronic invoices
  • Real-time status – Monitor all purchase orders issued, packing slip/receiving status acknowledgements, invoice, and payment status online 24/7 from the SF City Partner site
  • Direct Deposit – Payments can be transmitted directly to your bank account if setup for PaymodeX
  • Automate recurring payments – Regular payments (e.g. Lease Rental) can be scheduled to ensure on-time payment every period
  • Live User Support – Our local SF City Partner Support team is available via phone and email from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday

*Speed of payment is still dependent on contractual payment terms, invoice receipt date, and payment setup. For more information re: PaymodeX, the City’s preferred electronic payment method, please refer to 


Q: I don't see online invoicing under eSettlements. Where is it?

A: You should see online invoicing starting March 1. If you don't see it, please submit or call our User Support team. You can find support contact information on SF City Partner.


Q: There is a tab for sales tax and shipping. Where does ewaste get posted?

A: Ewaste is typically a separate line item on the purchase order. Departments should be setting up sales tax and shipping, so Suppliers shouldn't need to do that either.


Q: Why does the Qty not change for an edit of 100USD from 100000?

A: Because it was an amount only Purchase Order, not a Qty based Purchase Order.


Q: Is there a way for Suppliers to identify a Receipt number in the Packing Slip search screen and then cross reference the Receipt number to a City-issued Purchase Order number?

A: At this time, no. As a result, we are asking departments to give Suppliers the exact receipt number.


Q: Are we able to upload extra required supporting documents via online invoicing (ex. timecard)?)

A: Yes, you can submit more than one document. There is a size limit however, so if a document is extra large, you may need to split it.


Q: Can Purchase Orders be created to include both quantity-based and dollar amount-based line items (i.e., software line items and a services-based line item or items with hours for implementation)?

A: Yes. Departments can selectively do this on the PO line.


Q: If we hand-deliver an order on Monday morning, when will the packing slip receipt be in your system?

A: The department receiving the goods or services will enter the order information and provide you with the receipt number.


Q: How do we set up our online account? Where do we get login information?

A: Our SF City Partner team can help you! You can find contact information on the SF City Partner site.


Q: Are we required to submit our invoices using the SF City Partner site,  or can we still email our invoices to the department?

A: We would like all our Tech Marketplace Suppliers to use online invoicing starting March 1. Please also notify your department contacts to ensure this is a smooth process.


Q: One of the voucher matches required is Business Tax Registration, and how do we know as a processor? Do we need to contact the Supplier Management Team prior to processing?

A: No, you don't need to contact the Supplier Management team.