Purpose of this Article: This solution article provides the content presented at the Experienced User Budget Performance & Measurement System (BPMS) Refresh FY22 & FY23 held January 7, 2021. This article also includes questions and answers from the live event, and how to view the recording in SF Learning.

Audience: BPMS Experienced Users

Author: Alexis Cruz Eusebio

Version/Update Date: 1.0 / 1/22/2021


The Office of the Controller’s Budget & Analysis Division held the Experienced User Budget System Refresh FY22 and FY23 on January 7, 2021. The content presented is attached at the bottom of this solution article. 

You can also enroll into the ‘CON0BS102-EXP Budget 102- Experienced User Budget System Refresh FY22 and FY23’ course to view the content, which is under the CONS-Budget Category of the Learning Catalog in SF Learning. For instructions, see the Searching for a class and course in SF Learning (2 methods to find a course and class) solution article.


Questions & Answers

Below are the questions asked during the live event and the responses BAD provided.


Q. Where can we find copies of the presentation slides and a recording of this live event?

A. Presentation slides are attached to the Experienced User Budget System Refresh FY22 and FY23 solution article. You can also view the recording by self-enrolling into the ‘CON0BS102-EXP Budget 102 - Experienced User Budget System Refresh FY22 and FY23’ course under the CONS-Budget Category of the SF Learning Catalog. For instructions, see the Searching for a class and course in SF Learning (2 methods to find a course and class) solution article


Q. Why aren't reorganizations of existing PeopleSoft trees not allowed during the department phase?

A. If your department is considering a reorganization at this time, please reach out to your Budget and Analysis Division Analyst as soon as possible. We will provide a list of questions that we will then review with our Chartfield team, as some reorganizations in departments do not require a reorganization in PeopleSoft and would be technically OK.


Q. How often will BAD do subsets?

A. Subsetting will occur twice a week throughout the department phase, and every day during the last week before budget submissions are due in February. Please see budget instructions for specific date/time deadlines.


Q. Can I access BPMS remotely?

A. Remote access to the budget system, which is web-based, has been and will continue to be available. Department users hould be able to access it using the CCSF VPN connection. If you have any difficulty please check to see that you're connected to VPN and using Internet Explorer. If you continue to have problems, please work with your department's information technology staff. Contact the Budget Analyst assigned to your department if your IT team is unable to resolve.


Q. When can we submit chartfield requests?

A. Anytime through the department budget phase, through February 16th, which is the last day for new Chartfields.


Q. Are Enterprise departments on a rolling 2 year budget?

A. Enterprise departments are in their second year of their fixed year budgets. If their budget changes for this second year meet one of the following thresholds they will be required to submit a supplemental appropriation. Fixed budget departments have access to the budget system. Thresholds for inclusion on a supplemental appropriation to amend the budget:

1. Increase in bottom line budget by any amount.

2. Increase of more than 10% for Fund/Authority level or Fund/Account level, depending on the fund.

3. Revenue or expenditure change at the Fund level in NGFS Funds of more than 5% and/or changes of 2.5% in GFS funds.

If your department budget for this second year of the fixed budget does not meet any of those thresholds you will not need a supplemental appropriation.


Q. What reports do you recommend departments run?

A. We recommend running the following four reports on a daily basis:

15.10.001 Chart of Account Query

15.10.006 Position and Calc’d Benefits Detail

15.30.004 Position/Fringe Comparison Snapshot

15.30.005 Snapshot Comparison - No Rollover

Additionally, if you are making entries to address GFS target reduction goals, we recommend running and saving Target Reports 15.40.001 and 15.40.002


Q. Is 3% included in the attrition calculations?

A. Yes, attrition is created by the average of salaries and fringe benefits in a node. When we updated COLAs, this salary increase was incorporated into the attrition amounts.


Q. Do the current year figures in the budget include the COLA adjustments made in December 2020?

A. Yes


Q. If departments propose layoffs, what date should we use?

A. Yes, Budget Instructions ask departments to assume a September 1st starting date for layoffs, for departments  including layoffs as part of their budget submissions.



For more information about the content presented at the Experienced User Budget System Refresh FY22 and FY23, please contact your department’s BAD Analyst.