Purpose of this Article: This solution article contains the recording of the SF People & Pay User Forum held on June 8, 2021, and the questions and answers from the live event. Attached to this article, you will also find the slide deck presented, and copies of the communication that CON Payroll Division and Human Resources Department (HRD) sent regarding deadlines for fiscal year end payroll and appointment processing activities.

Audience: SF People & Pay Power Users

Author: Alexis Cruz Eusebio

Version/Update Date: 1.0 / 6/22/2021


The Controller’s Systems Division held the SF People & Pay User Forum on June 8, 2021. Below are the topics covered at the live event.

  • Staffing Changes & New User Support Leads
  • Fiscal Year End 2021: Split Payroll & Mass Salary Updates
  • Tracking Kin Care Designations
  • POI Records for Contractors & Other Non-Employees
  • New System Access Request Process
  • SF People & Pay Service Requests


You can click the image below to view a recording of the live event.

Questions & Answers

Below are the questions asked during the live event and the responses provided.


Q. We have an employee retiring effective July 1. Do we enter that separation in line with other terminations?

A. If you have employees retiring effective July 1st, please terminate their job record by 5 p.m. on June 30th so we can exclude them from the mass salary updates. 


Q. How can employees designate paid sick time as Kin Care?

A. To designate paid sick time as protected Kin Care Leave, employees must enter Assignment Code '929' in the Assign Code 4 field of the timesheet.


Q. When a full-time employee exceeds the allowable 52 hours Kin Care designation, the system will show the exception on the timesheet.  Is this exception high or low severity?  Will the exception cause non-pay to employee on that particular day?

A. When an employee's designation exceeds their limit, a high severity exception will appear on their timesheet. This exception will result in non-payment if unresolved.


Q. Is there a form available for a System Access Approver (SAA) to complete and submit to grant Non-SAA personnel access to the electronic SAR,  or do they have to call directly?

A. System Access Approvers can designate another SAA within their functional area by submitting the HR and Payroll System Access Approver Designation service request available under the System Access folder of our SERVICE CATALOG. Please note that departments are limited to two HR SAAs and two Payroll SAAs.


Q. Will we get a copy of the slides?

A. Yes, the slide deck for this User Forum will be available in the June 8, 2021 SF People & Pay User Forum solution article.




Listed below are the attachments you'll find at the end of the solution article.

  • Slide deck presented at the June 8, 2021 SF People & Pay User Forum
  • Important Information Regarding End of Fiscal Year Appointment Processing
  • Reviewing Employee Future Salaries and Updating Additional Pay
  • Applying Salary Changes for MEA and MCCP Employees



For more information about the content presented at June 8, 2021 SF People & Pay User Forum, please reach out to SF Employee Portal Support.