Guidelines for the Use of Bond Proceeds Live Meeting Session 092121

Purpose: This eLearning video provides an overview from the City Attorney’s Office on the eligible uses and spending requirements for tax-exempt and taxable bond proceeds, including general obligation bonds, certificates of participation and other revenue bonds.


Audience: Project planning and management personnel and departmental finance teams, debt issuance and management staff, and accountants working on debt-funded capital expenditures and reimbursement.

Sponsor:  City Attorney’s Office; Controller’s Office of Public Finance

Presenters: Mark Blake; Brooke Abola; Ken Roux

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What are CCSF’s Disclosure Obligations and Why does it matter? 04262022

Purpose: Daniel Deaton of Nixon Peabody LLP and Deputy City Attorneys Mark Blake and Brooke Abola provide an overview of the bigger picture that surrounds San Francisco's disclosures to municipal investors, and closer look at the roles and responsibilities of City staff when it comes to bond disclosures. At the end of this training, you will understand what the Securities and Exchange Commission looks for in municipal disclosures, what your obligations are as a participant in the disclosure process, what types of information would be "material" to investors, and what types of contracts and amendments can lead to a required investor disclosure.

Audience: Debt issuance and management staff, departmental staff providing information used in bond disclosures; financial policymakers 

Sponsor:  City Attorney’s Office; Controller’s Office of Public Finance

Presenters: Daniel Deaton; Brooke Abola; Mark Blake;

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