Purpose of this Article: This solution article provides the SF Budget role description and process of requesting system access as well as linked articles to the presentation deck from SF Budget Live Event series.

Audience: All SF Budget Users

Author: Leilani Carandang

Version/Update Date: 2.0 / 5/16/2022


Please review the user role descriptions below before submitting the SF Budget System Access Request. 


SF Budget roles and corresponding training requirements


As a reminder, all users will need to take the designated training in SF Learning. Conveniently click each link below to view the presentation from the live events held in December 2021 and launch the course directly in SF Learning.

Presentation & FAQ link
SF Learning Link
Training Kickoff & System Overview CON0BG100-120221
Expenditure and Revenue Entries  CON0BG101-121321
Position Entries 

Inter-Departmental Services (IDS) Entries and Process CON0BG103-121421
Reporting CON0BG104-121421
Position Entries Deep Dive 1  CON0BG109-12152021
Position Entries Deep Dive 2
Equipment CON0BG105-121621
Capital Planning Committee (CPC) Process, GFS and NGFS CON0BG106-121621
Non CPC Capital Process CON0BG107-121721
Revenue Transfers  CON0BG108-121721


Please submit an SF Budget Support Request for additional support .