Purpose of this Article: This solution article contains the recording of the SF People & Pay User Forum held on June 16, 2022, and the questions and answers from the live event. Attached to this article, you will also find the slide deck presented, and copies of the communication that CON Payroll Division and Human Resources Department (HRD) sent regarding deadlines for fiscal year end payroll and appointment processing activities.

Audience: SF People & Pay Power Users

Author: Alexis Cruz Eusebio

Version/Update Date: 1.0 / 6/21/2022

Below is the recording from the June 16, 2022 SF People & Pay User Forum. 

Topics covered during the User Forum include:

  • Mass Salary Update
  • Split-Payroll Processing
  • Enhanced Dept Job Data Change Service Request
  • Expense & Cash Advance Approval Reminder
  • SF Employee Portal Support Reminders

Answers to Questions from the User Forum

Q. Is the secondary dept able to check/confirm whether the individual already has a POI with a primary or previous dept?

A. When a new POI joins a department, the department should always check for existing job and POI records before submitting a request to create or reactivate a POI record, so the department can include the person’s prior ID if applicable.

Unlike verifying job records, which can be done at the citywide level through the CCSF Job Appointment Summary page, departments are limited to verifying POI records that are only currently or previously associated with their department through Personal Data. Due to this limitation, the SF Employee Portal Support team verifies in all cases if a record exists for the individual. If we find a person match, we will be in touch with the POI Requester before we create a new POI record.

Please see the April 13, 2021 POI Process for Contractors and Other Non-Employees Live Event solution article for more information about the POI process.


Q.  Is there a payroll report showing the Task Profile that the employee is using?

A. Yes, the queries below are related to Task Profile data.

  • MRG_TL_EE_TASK_PROFILE_BY_DEPT – includes Roster Code; Emplid; Empl Rcd; Task Profile ID; Effective Date
  • MRG_TL_EMPL_TASK_PROFILES – includes all information above + funding information associated with each Task Profile


Q. When an employee moves to another department, the releasing department no longer has access to approve the employee’s time. The receiving department has to reach out to the releasing department to validate the time posted. Any way to have the releasing department still have access to approve the employee’s time?

A. It is currently not possible for the releasing department to continue to have access to approve the employee’s time after the employee has moved to a new department, similar to how the releasing department can no longer see the employee’s Job Data. It is highly recommended that all approvals, e.g., time, expenses, etc. are completed before the effective date of the employee’s department change.

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