Approved’ and ‘Active’ Positions Defined

‘Approved’ Positions are those that are ready to be filled with a candidate. In other words, ‘Approved’ Positions are those that have had an eMerge Position Request of type Request to Fill approved and the Position has been reconciled with a budget row.

‘Active’ Positions are simply positions that have been created in eMerge PeopleSoft and saved.

‘Active’ Positions will go through the following stages, generally in the order shown here:

Unbudgeted >Budgeted >Proposed >Approved (to fill) >Vacant >Filled

Positions will remain ‘Active’ until they get removed from your ASO and you change the Position Status to ‘Inactive’.

Position Management Reports Menu

Here are the Position Reports available in eMerge PeopleSoft:

For a complete view of the Positions in your department, use the CCSF Active Position Rpt (report). You will find the other reports useful as you work on reconciling your positions to the ASO and budget.

Position Management Queries

Remember, there are also queries related to Position Management. Go to the Query Viewer (Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer) and enter ‘MRG_POS’ in the search criteria to see all the possible queries related to positions in eMerge PeopleSoft.

Viewing Alternate Outputs for Reports

Although most reports are formatted with an output of .pdf, some reports are also available in a .csv output that can be opened in Excel spreadsheet.

To see if there are other outputs for a report, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate in eMerge PeopleSoft to the Report Manger page – Administration tab (Reporting Tools > Report Manager).
  2. Find your report on the Report Manager – Administration tab and click the Details link, asshown below.
  3. In the File List section of the page that opens, you can see that the report is also available as a .csv file, which you can open in Excel.


The eMerge team is continuing to improve the reporting in eMerge PeopleSoft, so use the steps above to check back to see if an .csv output has been added for your report.