This article covers approval of cash advances and outlines process steps to complete approvals.


This article contains the following:

  • Screens Used to Approve Cash Advances
  • Understanding Cash Advance Approvals
  • Travel & Expenses: Approve Cash Advance Report Page


Screens Used To Approve Cash Advances

The pages listed below will allow you to perform functions critical to approving cash advances.


Understanding Cash Advance Approvals

Based on the approval rules that you set up, cash advances can be paid as soon as  employees submit them, or they can go through one or more checkpoints for review. If your organization requires auditing, approvers must approve the cash advance before it is eligible for auditing.


From the time the employee creates a cash advance until it is ready for payment, the cash advance's approval status changes, depending on the action taken in each step of the approval process. PeopleSoft Expenses immediately sets a cash advance to Paid status if the cash advance source does not generate a payment.


Approvers use the Approve Transactions - Overview, Approve Transactions - Cash Advances, or Approve Cash Advance Report page to approve, hold, send back, save changes to, or deny authorizations. The Approve Cash Advance Report page is similar to  the page that employees use to prepare cash advance requests.


Approve Cash Advance Report Page

  • Use the Travel & Expenses - Cash Advance Report - Approve Cash Advance Report page (TE_ADVANCE) to approve cash advances.
  • Navigation: 
    • Manager Self-Service>Travel And  Expense Center>Approvals>Approve Transactions>Cash Advances
      • Click the Description or Transaction ID link 
    • Travel and Expenses>Approve Transactions>Approve Transactions>Cash Advanced
      • Click the Description or Transaction ID link 


Approve Cash Advance  Report page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Approve Cash Advance Report page.


The fields on this page are the same as the fields on the Create/Modify Cash Advance Page. Fields that are unique for the approval process are documented in this topic.



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