Users of the new financial and procurement system should be aware that the new system is not replacing BPMS--the system used to prepare and finalize the budget authorized by the Board of Supervisors.

BPMS will be used to develop the City's Budgets. Subsequent to approval, these budgets will be loaded into PeopleSoft Commitment Control/Budget. Wherein, users will track expenditures to assist in managing City budgets.

The first BPMS load into PeopleSoft for FY17/18 will be based off the FAMIS codes that FSP will then crosswalk to the new financial and procurement system’s codes. For the subsequent FY18/19 budget, the budget load will be based entirely off the new financial and procurement system’s codes.

Commitment Control will not take the place of BPMS.

For any budget entry subsequent to initial budget set up by the budget system (BPMS), every Commitment Control entry will have an initiator and a department supervisor approver. Then it will go to the Controller for approval, as well as any affected department.


Every department affected by a journal entry will need to approve the journal, although departments will not be required to wait for other's approval first like the current sequence approval is structured in FAMIS.


Different modules will have different workflows; the process referenced above is only for General Ledger and Commitment Control/Budget modules.