One of the benefits of upgrading to the new financial system is the ability to create templates or copy other entries to reduce duplicative work.


Option 1: Copy a prior journal entry with the ChartFields arranged as you prefer. You can save an incomplete journal for future use as you would like.

Step 1: Navigate to Journal Entry > Copy Journals

Step 2: Create a new Run Control ID

Step 3: Identify the Journal that you’d like to copy by looking it up (pictured below)

Step 4: Click “Save.” When you click Save, you will notice that the “New Journal ID” changes from NEXT, to the actual ID number. Click Run to generate the new Journal entry.

Step 5: Navigate to Journal Entry, Search for the newly created Journal you have copied using the new Journal ID from Step 4. Click on your document and

Tip: You may use the same Run Control ID to generate additional copies as needed (or even on a scheduled basis).

Option 2:  Use the spreadsheet journal uploader.

Step 1: Save a copy of your journal spreadsheet uploader with the values prepopulated which you would like to appear in future copies. Use that version as your template to save additional copies.

Step 2: Upload your saved journal spreadsheet per the established spreadsheet import process.