There are two methods to generate Journal Entries in the PeopleSoft Financial and Supply Chain Management System (FSCM): 

  1. Automatically, through submodules (such as Asset Management or Accounts Payable)
  2. Manually, through direct journal entries in the General Ledger

This article covers #2, manual journal entries.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating manual entries:

Step 1: Navigate to “Create/Update Journal Entries,” and select Add a New Value.

Step 2: Click the Journal Header tab. Enter information regarding the ledger group being modified, the period in question, and include attachments as necessary. Attachments remain with the journal entry and are stored in reporting tables.

Step 3: Click the Lines tab. In the Lines, users are prompted to fill out the six Chartfields associated with the transaction, including Account, Fund, Department, Authority, Project, and Activity. Users can add as many lines as possible.

Step 4: Users can then process the journal by selecting the process dropdown menu and clicking the “Process” button. The Edit Journal process checks the submission to ensure that the Chartfields are valid, and ensure that sufficient funds remain to be encumbered/expensed.

Additionally, users can create journal entries using the spreadsheet uploader (job aid also available).

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