PeopleSoft Supplier Contract Management provides the capability to use third-party digital signatures for internal as well as external users to sign off on contract documents. Digital signatures are cryptographically-based signature assurance schemes. They are often used in the context of public key infrastructure (PKI) schemes in which the public key used in the signature scheme is tied to a user by a digital identity certificate issued by a certificate authority.

Digital signatures provide:

  • Document integrity that verifies the document content has not been altered.
  • User authentication that verifies the document came from the person you think sent it.
  • Non-repudiation that verifies a level of proof regarding who electronically signed the document and what they signed.

Signature Methods Used to Manage the Document Signature Lifecycle

The City has approved DocuSign as the method for online signatures for contracts.

DocuSign: Use this signature method to sign documents using DocuSign. This signature method provides cloud-based document signature lifecycle management and enables a contract specialist to prepare the document, route the document, and guide signatures in one step—there is no need to export the document for preparation and re-upload it into the PeopleSoft application. In addition, this signature method enables signers to sign documents without logging into the PeopleSoft application. Signers can sign using their mobile devices.To use this signature method, you must have an account with DocuSign. In addition, you must have Microsoft Word 2007 or later on the Windows machine and the URL for the application server must be defined using the Installation Options – Supplier Contract Management page.