Document Lifespan View access will depend on the individual user's PeopleSoft permission level. This applies to both internal and external users. Access will be determined by the individual who has administrative rights over the document.

External users are the external supplier collaborators, signers, and deliverable owners who are not City employees. These users must be defined and setup by internal or external supplier administrators so that they can manage, view, and edit contract documents.

External users must have a user ID created for them, or must create their own user ID using the self-registration feature provided, as a part of PeopleSoft eSupplier Connection. Access to specific external documents and deliverables is secured at the row level so that external users can only view and update information if that user is enabled to do so for that particular document or deliverable. In addition the document status and certain configuration settings determine when a contract can be viewed and what history external users can view through the external portal.

You can list external users using the Document Management page for each document you want to share with an external user. While you can define multiple external users for a document, each document has a primary external owner. This is the only external user who can upload modified or signed documents and comments as part of the collaboration or signing process. Other nonprimary external users can view the document but cannot make modifications. So, if multiple users at an external organization need to provide feedback and changes to a document, the primary external owner can circulate the document offline for those changes or signatures and upload the document back to the system upon completion.