The City’s new financial and procurement system works with data converted from the FAMIS system. In many instances, the organizational structure in the new system mirrors the general organizational constructs included in FAMIS, however, for numerous reasons the City will adopt new naming conventions used in the new system, and implemented through Oracle PeopleSoft, which has some unique terms, including “Chartfield.”

In This Article:

  • Where to find the detailed crosswalk “translations” between old and new systems
  • High level summary  


The Financial Systems Project team put together very detailed spreadsheets documenting the coding and structure of FAMIS and how each item is referenced in the new system.  Here is a hyperlink to folder containing detailed crosswalk files, an example of the crosswalk in the Controllers Office here:

The following diagram translates the organizational categories used in the previous financial system into the categories the City will use with the current financial system. For users that are new to the City and County of San Francisco, the following illustration will not be necessary (or helpful).