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After you have received bids in response to sourcing events, you can begin the bid analysis process.

This process may include:

  • Award splitting
  • Multi-Version and Multi-Round events
  • Analysis collaboration

Using Split Analysis Collaboration During Bid Analysis

As with event collaboration, an assigned collaborator must check out the event from the Event Workbench page before they can make and submit updates on event and line bid factors. Only bid factors associated with the assigned Review Type are visible to a collaborator. When analysis collaboration is complete, the buyer/event creator can view the results of the split analysis review on the Analyze Total page.

Analyze Total Page

Use the Analyze Total page and the Analyze Line page to enter updates, if you are an invited collaborator.

  • Event Status is┬áCollaborating Bid Analysis.

The Total Event Score field represents the prorated score for only those bid factors the collaborator is allowed to see when in split analysis review.

Reviewing Split Bid Analysis

Use the Analyze Total page and the Analyze Line page to review collaborator input, if you are the buyer/event creator.

  • Event Status is┬áPending Award.

Image: Analyze Total page showing collaborator input

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Analyze Total page showing collaborator input.