PeopleSoft Financial and Supply Chain Management (FSCM) users will likely want to replicate views/screens previously used in FAMIS.

This article outlines 1) how to replicate FAMIS 6250 and 6450 screens, and 2) how to identify index codes and cost centers.

The FAMIS 6450 (operating summary inquiry) screen is where users entered index codes to view balances (current year-to-date), Budgeted Revenue & Expenses, Actual Revenue and Expenses, and Actual Encumbrance/Pre-Encumbrances.

The FAMIS 6250 (appropriation control inquiry) screen is where users entered inquiries to view Original Budget, Adjustments, Revised Budget, Reserves, Unallocated, Allotted, Expenditures, Encumbrances, Pre-encumbrances, and Balance.

FSCM contains similar views that can be accessed by running an inquiry in the “Budget Overview” section of the Commitment Control module. To access desired cost center data in FSCM users can use Chartfield strings instead of Index Codes. 

Users should note that they must run FSCM inquiries on Revenue and Expenditure budgets separately since they are contained in separate commitment control legers. Additionally, when reviewing expenditure budgets, users should select CC_APPROP ledger to see the complete picture depending on appropriation control and fund entered. CC_DETAIL expenditure levels are constrained to the specific programs and activities and may not reflect the details contained in the 6250 FAMIS equivalent.

Users should know there are no hot links or direct linking functions to run these generic inquiry screens. However, users are able to name and save queries and pull up those queries for future reference in the General Ledger Work Center.

Here are the steps to find cost centers and Chartfield information:

Step 1: Open the finalized Chart of Accounts crosswalk folder at the following location:

Step 2: Select the Excel file with Index in the title

Step 3: Search for the index code you normally run your inquiry by

Step 4: Enter the equivalent FSCM Chartfield strings into the Budget Overview inquiry screen fields

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