Users will want to replicate some of the screens frequently used such as the 6250 screen, 6200, 6220, and 6400 screens. The primary tool that users will likely want to conduct analysis through is the Reports and Analytics tool. However, users are able to run inquiries in the budget/commitment control module directly to see budgets as well as all of the entries that affect that balance.


Step 1: Navigate to “Budget Overview,” and find and add a new value. Name your inquiry and click “Add.” Tip, you can search for previous searches you have named to reduce having to run new inquiries every time. This shows you how to run a new report and then reference it for future use.

Step 2: Select the ledger group you would like to review. CC_APPROP would review information equivalent to the 6250 screen, CC_DETAIL paired with the specific search criteria would be the equivalent of the other screens. CC_REVENUE would review anticipated revenue versus actuals.

Step 3: Input the appropriate Chartfield Values, by Department, Authority, Account, Fund, Project, and/or Activity. Click Search.

Step 4: Review the associated details in the following screen. Users can drill down within each of the values to identify specific transactions resulting in the totals in the search results.