It is possible to use the Process Scheduler to run reports. While the Process Scheduler is a powerful tool with multiple applications, this knowledge base article focuses only on running reports and not on any other types of processes. The Process Scheduler enables a user to run reports one at a time, per the user’s request. Users can also schedule a recurring report to run at specified times, such as every Friday at 6:00 p.m.

Process Scheduler enables users to run reports easily and efficiently, without interruption to other system processes

In This Article:

  • Run a report using Process Scheduler
  • Monitor a report using Process Monitor
  • Manage a report using Report Manager

The following demonstration explains how to run a report for a fictitious year end closing. The example provided runs a Closing Trial Balance report, which lists summary information of all entries on the ledger by account type, but once a user understands how to run an example report, similar reports may be run for fixed assets and and other parameters established by the user. [HJ(1]


[HJ(1]This content was pulled from UPK training materials, there is nothing in the FAQs, BPWs, CRPs, or question tracker to explain how to run such a report. So the functional team/BI team needs to provide input on this item.