New CIO Review Policy for F$P

Updated December 1, 2017
The CIO Review policy has been updated in collaboration with OCA, and it aligns with the procurement workflows in PeopleSoft. We believe the new policy makes the CIO Review process much more streamlined and truly a review process versus an approval process. While the City CIO may still put a procurement on hold for questions or recommend rejection of it, a proactive approval is not needed for each procurement. We will also work out a separate system with OCA to provide for expedited review of pending procurements when something needs to be fully completed within the five business day time period allowed for CIO Review.
Please share this new policy with the appropriate procurement and accounting staff members within your department, and advise them that they should add Matthew Reeves (see DSW number 050222) as a Collaborator or Ad Hoc Reviewer for purposes of CIO Review for technology procurements as described in the policy.