In PeopleSoft, there are various ways you can view a plethora of bidding information. For example, on the Event Activity Page, you are presented with the options to search buy 1) Event Format, 2) Event Type, 3) Date Range as well as a few others. (Please see graphic below)

Reviewing Bidder Activity

To review bidding on an event by a specific bidder:

  1. Enter a business unit, bidder type, or ID on the Search Bid Activities page.
  2. Access the Bid Activities page by clicking the name of the company whose bidding activity you want to review.
  3. Click one of the categories in the Search Events group box to populate the Events group box with specific events.
    You can view the number of events that a bidder was invited to or awarded or upon which the bidder bid. The system displays bids for the bidder across all sourcing business units.
  4. In the Events group box, expand the event line to view the details of the invitation, bid, and award.

    If the award is for a consolidated requisition, the system displays an award for each purchase order that is created to the awarded bidder.

Bid Activities – Event Activity Page

Use the Bid Activities - Event Activity page (AUC_BID_ACT_PG) to review events that a bidder has been invited to, has bid on, and has been awarded.


Sourcing, then select Event Responses, then select Search Bidder Activity

Click a Bidder Name link on the Search Bidder Activity page.

Image: Bid Activities - Event Activity page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Bid Activities - Event Activity page.