There are many circumstances where FSCM users will want to attach external information to their entries. This article provides directions for how to include attachments in General Ledger and Journal Entry. Other modules also have similar attachment capability.


Step 1: Select and open the desired journal

Step 2: Click on the “Attachments” hyperlink  as pictured below (note: the number in parenthesis reflects the number of  attachments on the Journal being edited. If this is the first attachment the figure will be zero. 

Step 3: The next screen to appear shows the files attached to the journal entry. In this example, we already have a file attached, but would like to add another. Click “Add Attachment” as shown below:

Step 4: Click “Browse” to pull the file from your computer. Users will need to navigate to wherever they organize their files to select the attachment.


Step 5: Users have the option to keep attachments for internal reference, or to allow all users in approval routing to have access to view. 

Additional information: 

Many different file formats can be attached, including but not limited to Excel, PDF, gif, and CAD.

While security measures have been taken to assign roles and permissions to City users, there is unfortunately no password protection for attachments within the FSCM application. Attachments are accessible by any user who has permission to see the screen. Departments must accordingly password protect files prior to upload if they contain sensitive data such as employee information. Users should consider the information being attached and conform to departmental guidelines regarding privacy and security.

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