Users are able to generate a number of reports within the general ledger module, though the primary tool that users will likely want to conduct analysis through is the Reports and Analytics tool. That said, this article shows how to run a spot trial balance report based on parameters selected/desired by the user, and identifies where to find other reporting functions in the General Ledger and Commitment Control.


Step 1: Navigate to “Trial Balance Report” and select Add a New Value. Name your inquiry and click “Add.”

Step 2: Enter your fiscal year and month you would like to run the trial balance. Then click “Refresh”

Step 3: Select the chartfields you would like to be reflected in the details of the report being generated. Then Click “Save.” Then Click “Run.”

Step 4: After you clicked “Run” the Process Scheduler screen appears. Users can select to run reports on a one-time basis, or to run on a recurring basis. Enter the variables you desire, and then click “OK.” In the screenshot here, we are just running this report one time.

Step 5: Click “Process Monitor”

Step 6: Once your process’s status has updated to “Success,” Click the “Details”


  Step 7: Click “View Trace Log”

Step 8: The resulting PDF is the report you’ve generated. Click that  file to open or download to your local computer.

The following is a screenshot of the other reports available to users mapped to these reporting roles in the General Ledger. Please take the lengthy self-service training for details on how to run reports in the General Ledger as well as Commitment Control (and other modules).