There are several training classes available for employee expenses.  Please refer to the table below to access the classes. 

Class Title (click link below to Open)
Class Description
Introduction to Expenses
This eLearning video provides an overview of Expenses in the City's PeopleSoft Financial system. This does not include any step-by-step instructions but provides a good overview of the process. (6 minutes)
This course is designed for EMPLOYEES who are creating: Expense Reports; Travel Authorizations; and Cash Advances.  
You will find step-by-step instructions for many tasks related to those three topics.  

Below is the course outline.
  • Managing Expense Reports for Employees
    • Expense Reports
      • Create Expense Report
      • Create User Expense Report Template
      • Create Expense Report from Travel Authorization
      • Create an Expense Report from an Existing Expense Report
      • Apply Outstanding Cash Advance to Expense Report
      • How to View the Payment Status of an Expense Report
      • Assign Another User to Create Expense Items
    • Travel Authorizations
      • Create/Enter Travel Authorization
      • Create User Travel Authorization Template
      • Create Travel Authorization by copying from Existing Travel Authorization
      • Troubleshoot a Travel Authorization
      • Cancel Travel Authorization
      • Cancel Travel Authorization by Batch
      • Delete a Travel Authorization
    • Cash Advances
      • Understanding How to Prepare Cash Advances
      • Request Cash Advance
      • Review Cash Advance Request Status

Managing Expense Reports for Approvers
This course is designed for APPROVERS who are approving their employee's Expense Reports, Travel Authorizations, and Cash Advances.  
You will find step-by-step instructions for approving these various employee expense reimbursement related items.
Managing Expense Reports for Finance Departments 
This course is designed for department Finance staff working on expenses.  The course covers budget checking, managing Cash Advance close, and reviewing expense reports for correct accounting details (ChartFields) and receipts.