Enter and load GL journals using an Excel spreadsheet; the journal entries must follow the rules of a regular journal (debits = credits).





Ensure that all 4 files (GLJRNL1LedgerFSPRD, JrnlLog, JRNLMCRO (2 versions)) are copied to the same location on your desktop or local drive. These files are attached on this article.

Open the ‘GLJRNL1LedgerFSPRD’ file. 


Click the ‘New’ button to start a new journal. 

Click the ‘Edit’ button to modify a previous journal. 


After clicking the ‘New’ button, enter a Journal Sheet Name following Excel naming standards. 


Input the Journal Header. Click the + button right below the Journal Header on line 5. 
Enter the journal source with the 3-character department for your group. Enter the Description. 


Input the Journal lines. Click the + button below the Journal lines on line 9. 
To add multiple lines, click the button ‘+…’. Enter all the required ChartFields. Enter the amount and the journal line description. 


Save the journal by clicking the save button above ‘File’ on the top left of the page. 


Load the journal info FSP. Click the drum button next to the home button on the top of the spreadsheet. Enter your user ID and password. 


A message will appear notifying you that the journal was loaded. The new journal ID will also display in the Excel spreadsheet lines section .