Adjustment vouchers are used to adjust an existing posted voucher, either as a correction to the payment or as a debit or credit memo. The voucher(s) that is being adjusted can either be a direct or PO voucher. Adjustment vouchers reference the adjustment voucher to the original voucher for an audit trail. 


Note: Copying source vouchers or voucher lines is optional. You can enter an adjustment voucher with no reference to another voucher. In that case, you do not have to enter a related voucher.

If you are adjusting a voucher that references a purchase order, you must update the prior quantity and amount matched against the purchase order by selecting the Reverse Qty/Amt field on the Voucher Worksheet page.

You must also have the Budget Processor restore or liquidate the encumbrance budget by selecting Adjust Matched Values on the Voucher Worksheet page.

Typically, an adjustment voucher reflects one of the following scenarios:

• A supplier does not provide a good or service on the original invoice and voucher(s).

• A supplier provides a subsequent adjusting invoice that is tied to the original voucher(s).

Adjustment vouchers are used to adjust existing posted vouchers. For example, a credit memo is received from a supplier to adjust a previously issued invoice and the voucher for the original invoice has already been processed and posted.

When pay cycle runs, it will combine the original voucher and adjustment voucher amounts, and pay the net amount.



The key topics involved in the Creating and Adjustment voucher process are:

  • To­­­­­pic 1: Creating Adjustment Voucher (Credit Memo) without referencing to an existing voucher

  • Topic 2: Creating Adjustment Voucher for one existing regular voucher

  • Topic 3: Creating Adjustment Voucher for multiple existing regular vouchers

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