Instructions for running any query from any module. For common GL Queries, you can also use ‘General Ledger Work Center’ job aid on Knowledge Base.




Navigate to: Main Menu> Reporting Tools> Query > Query Viewer
Search for the query.
In the Search box, type in the name of the query you would like to run. Please note, most GL queries start with ‘FSP_GL’. For example: FSP_GLAM_DEPT_TBL_CF_ATTRIB3. Click ‘Search’. The query appears below the ‘Search Results’.

To search for queries with partial name, use the wildcard % symbol.

Alternatively, use ‘Advance Search’ to search for query description.

Select ‘HTML’ link for the query you would like to run. A separate window will appear.
Using prompts. 
Some queries have prompts. Prompts are input values to filter or narrow down the query results. If the query doesn’t have prompts, the result will display once the new window is loaded.

This query has two prompts: Department and Description. Some prompts require input values to exact. Otherwise, the field will turn red. For example: 228855. % is the wildcard symbol and is helpful when searching for results when the user only knows the partial value. The wildcard can be used in front of a search keyword to indicate unknown characters in front of your search keyword. The keyword search is case sensitive.


Click ‘View Results’. This example has one search result.

To output the results in excel, select ‘Excel SpreadSheet’.