Instructions for creating GL journal entry for Interdepartmental Services IDS (Workorders)




Navigate to Main Menu> General Ledger> Journals> Journal Entry> Create/Update Journal Entries
Click on tab ‘Add a New Value’. Business Unit: SFGOV; Journal ID: NEXT; Journal Date: Today’s date. Click ‘Add’.
Fill in all required/starred fields.
Tab: Header
· Ledger group: ACTUALS
· Source is required to be ‘IDS’ for interdepartmental services.
Tab: Lines
· Chartfields: Account, Fund, Dept, Authority, Agency Use, PC Bus Unit, Project, Activity, An Type, TRIO, Amount, Journal Line Description
· Make sure the journal is balanced with at least 2 lines.
· There should be one line for the department transferring from and another line for the department transferring to.
Click ‘Save’. Journal Status should show ‘N’. Budget Status should show ‘N’.
In the Process drop down box, select ‘Edit’ Journal. Click Process. Wait for the page to refresh. After it is done, the Journal Status should be ‘V’ and the Budget Status should be ‘V’.
In the Process drop down box, select ‘Submit’ Journal to submit the journal for approval. Please see Job Aid: GL Journal Approval/Deny for instructions to approve and deny the journal.
After the Journal is approved, you can post the journal. In the Process drop down box, select ‘Post Journal’. Please note that all journals will automatically post if it’s approved every hour.