This document provides steps and information for dispatching the PO manually and re-dispatching a  PO.



Purchase order is dispatched once is has been fully approved and budget checked. The dispatch method on PO defaults from the Supplier's dispatch method. If the supplier doesn’t have a dispatch method, PO dispatch method defaults to “Print”. Once the PO status is dispatched in the system, it will be available for receiving and invoicing.

Re-dispatch PO. If there is a need to re-dispatch a PO (ex.to retrieve the PO Authorized Print copy) please go to page 10 of this job aid. This is only for POs that have been already dispatched.

Re-dispatch multiple POs. It is recommended that only 1 PO at a time is re-dispatched, but if there is a need to re-dispatch multiple POs refer to page 11. For this purpose Buyer and From Date-Through Date can be used. 

Immediate dispatch.  The PO Dispatch batch process runs every 1 Hour and it processes all approved and budget checked POs. If a PO needs to be dispatched immediately, please refer to Topic 1 on page 3 in this job aid. This is for PO that have been approved and Budget checked.