This document explains the different Voucher Styles.  PeopleSoft Payables provides various voucher styles, each of which addresses a particular objective. 

Voucher Style


  • Adjustments Voucher
Enter adjustment vouchers for credit or debit memos, or for relating one voucher to another. This style is also used for debit memo adjustment vouchers that are created by the Matching Application Engine process
  • Journal Voucher
Enter vouchers for adjusting accounting entries.
  • Prepaid Voucher
Enter prepayments (down payments, progress payments, or deposits).
  • Register Voucher
Accrue an individual voucher for which the expense distribution is not known or not yet approved.
  • Regular Voucher
Enter standard vouchers (this is the default setting). This style is also used to enter purchase order vouchers and vouchers that require matching to purchase orders and receiving documents.
  • Reversal Voucher
Create a new voucher with reversal accounting entries and back out encumbrances.
  • Single Payment Voucher
Enter a voucher for a one-time supplier without having to define the supplier in the system.
  • Template Voucher
Create a voucher that can be used as a template for generating regular vouchers that share voucher data.
  • Third Party Voucher
Enter vouchers for charges other than merchandise charges, for example, freight-only vouchers.