Journal vouchers are used to adjust accounting entries for vouchers that have been posted and paid and for vouchers for which payments have also been posted.

For example, suppose a voucher has been entered using expense account 123000. The voucher has been posted and paid, and the payment has been posted, when you discover that the expense should have used account 456000. To avoid making a manual general ledger entry, which would cause FSP General Ledger and Payables to get out of sync, and to avoid unposting the voucher, which involves correcting the voucher and then reposting it for payment, you simply enter a journal voucher. On the journal voucher, you reverse the amount to account 123000 and add the amount to account 456000, keeping FSP General Ledger and Payables in sync. Then you post the journal voucher without having to post a payment.


  • Journal vouchers are zero-amount vouchers and cannot be copied from any source documents.
  • The changes will not appear on the voucher accounting lines until Voucher Post is run again.
  • Payment post does not have to be run for Journal Vouchers.
  • Departments MUST follow the guidelines in Scenario 2 to include cash balancing lines unless the ChartField correction is with the same department, same fund AND same project.