Latest (Created 09/2018) Procure To Pay information recording from the online course.  Link to Procure to Pay Video

It covers the following:

  • Procure To Pay Process Overview
  • Best Practices
  • Generate a Purchase Order (Or: Copy from Requisition, Source to PO, Award from Sourcing ¬†Event, Release from Contract)
  • Approve PO
  • Budget Check PO (batch job)
  • Dispatch PO (batch job)
  • Receive PO
  • Create Voucher for PO Receipt
  • Budget Check Voucher
  • Voucher Matching (batch job)
  • Approve Voucher
  • Generate Payment /Voucher Post (batch job)

Previous Procure To Pay 11-1-2017 WebEx Recording and presentation.

Link to Recorded Procure To Pay WebEx Session 11-1-2017