The PeopleSoft PO Vouchers business process enables the creation of vouchers from PO and receiver data that was previously entered into the system during the PO/receiving business process. The benefits of this allow:

  • A reduction in both time and effort by not having to re-key data to the voucher.
  • Improved accuracy as no data is manually entered
  • Automated tracking of amount and quantity remaining on PO
  • Automated cross-reference between PO’s and vouchers.
  • Automated encumbrance and expenditure tracking.
  • Vouchers can be created either from purchase orders or receiving documents. Department business processes will be the determining factor on which method will be used to copy the PO to the voucher.


The key topics involved in the Creating a PO voucher process are:

  • To­­­­­pic 1: Creating a PO Voucher from a receiver (Receipt)
  • Topic 2: Creating a PO Voucher from Purchase Order only
  • Topic 3: Payment Information
  • Topic 4: Budget Check and Exceptions
  • Topic 5: Matching and Exceptions

Note: only MATCHED vouchers can be budget checked.

Prompt payment guidelines