There may be an instance that the your Finance Approver will need to send your expense report back to you if corrections are necessary.  You will receive an email that may look like the screen shot below:

To view the Note in your Expense Report, navigate to:

1.  Employee Portal > 2.  Employee Links > 3. Expense Reimbursements Section > 4. View Expense Reports

Next, after clicking the View Expense Reports links, you will be taken to the  Expense Report look up page. Since you are logged into the Employee Portal, you do not need to enter in your Employee ID.  Simply click the Search button. If you have multiple reports, then select the Report ID of the report that has the note (remember that the email that you received has the Report ID listed). If you only have one Expense Report saved, then it will automatically populate.

Once the report loads, you will click the Notes