This document provides context and procedures to address cases where users have active Grants Customer Contracts but have taken action outside of the Financials to bill, recognize revenue and relieve receivables. Components of this job aid are pulled from existing resources regarding adjusting bills and running billing processes, however this information is assembled in one location to assist users adopt Grant Management functionality in Financials and clean up values generated from non-system use.

Users should not activate customer contracts unless and until they are ready for the system to recognize revenue and tee off the process for system billing. In cases where the user has not yet received payment for billing done offline, or they have not already reconciled the payment to the bank, it’s possible to run grant billing as usual, and to apply the eventual payment to the receivable generated through the normal process. If policies allow for users to continue having activated customer contracts but not use those contracts to bill, then the below procedure can be followed to reverse revenue and relieve the unbilled accounts receivable.

This job aid is NOT to be  used to address cases where bad conversion data, data not correctable in the  source module or appropriately corrected in the general ledger, or due to user  error has caused transactions to appear eligible for billing according to the  terms of the customer contract – when it actually should not be chargeable. For that use case, use this job aid instead: Grants - Adjust ineligible transactions picked up by billing