The UPK instructing users on how to run the initial Prepaid Grant billing (Run Process Other Billing (PPD)) is incomplete. 

It will not send the accounting entries to the General Ledger or send the invoice to Accounts Receivable so that your receivables staff can apply the prepayment to that specific grant, until you take the below actions:

You need FSP_AGENCY_BI_APPROVER to take these steps:

Navigation:  Billing > Generate Invoices > Non-Consolidated > Request Budget Check

Click the "Add New Value" Tab. Name your Run Control (without any spaces or special characters). Click Add. 

Enter SFGOV Business Unit. Click Invoice ID. Enter the prepaid invoice ID you just created. The UPK example invoice is DPH0000000003. Click Run. 

Click Process Monitor. Make sure your process runs to "Success." Open a ticket if it does not run to success. 

End of procedure. Wait for the journal generate process and the AR update processes to run before you can see the values in the respective modules.