This  document provides context and procedures to address cases where bad conversion  data, data not correctable in the source module or appropriately corrected in  the general ledger, or due to user error has caused transactions to appear  eligible for billing according to the terms of the customer contract – when it  actually should not be chargeable. 


These  procedures will reverse the revenue that shouldn’t have been recognized, and  will tell project costing that these rows should not affect the customer contract  billing limit, and it will prevent these lines from be picked up for billing  again.


The  procedures below should only be employed if the user can clearly identify why  charges need to be adjusted due to the automated logic incorrectly identifying  expenses and should be reversed.


This document is NOT to  be used to address cases where users have active Grants Customer Contracts but  have taken action outside of the Financials to bill, recognize revenue and  relieve receivables.  For that use case, use this job aid instead: Grants - Reverse System-Generated Recognized Revenue for Offline Billing