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This document explains the procedure for setting up signatures in PeopleSoft, initiating and completing the signature process in DocuSign, and dispatching and executing a signed document so that contract releases can occur.
Users Role Mapped to the Supplier Contract Processor Role and Departmental Contact Signers
Corey Fake
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1.0 / 12.17.18
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DocuSign, Electronic Signatures, Supplier Contracts
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DocuSign Job Reference: QRS_SCM_DocuSign
The key tops in the DocuSign process are:
  • To­­­­­pic 1: Navigating Directly to Document Management
  • Topic 2: Setting Up Signatures After Approval
  • Topic 3: Setting Up Signatures Before Approval
  • Topic 4: Signing in DocuSign
  • Topic 5: View Certificate of Completion in DocuSign
  • Topic 6: Dispatch and Execute
  • Topic 7: Canceling the Signature Process
  • Topic 8: Contract Types and Signing Order