Content for procuring goods and services and using the Buyer's Workbench

Create a Requisition
Purpose :  This document explains the procedure for adding requisitions through eProcurement.  The key topics involved in the Requisition process ar...
Mon, Apr 4, 2022 9:06 AM
Understanding Cancel/Close/Finalize Processes for Requisitions
This document aims to provide a basic understanding of the Requisition Cancel and Close processes and the Finalize PO processes. This document also provides...
Mon, Apr 4, 2022 9:06 AM
Create Requisition: Fluid and Classic
This job aid covers the steps to create a Fluid Requisition and the differences between the Fluid and Classic Requisition.
Mon, Apr 4, 2022 9:11 AM
Understanding OCA Requisition Buyer Assignment
Purpose of this Article: This job aid summarizes the customization brought into PeopleSoft that will enable a Buyer manager to assign Requisitions to the Bu...
Mon, Apr 4, 2022 9:11 AM