One Time Suppliers and the 1099 process:

  • One-time suppliers are no longer allowed to receive 1099 reportable payments. Even if it is a one-time payment, the supplier has to be set up as a regular approved supplier if the payment is 1099 reportable.
  • Manual Journal Entries and interfaces no longer include the 1099 payments into 1099 process. In FAMIS, we processed Journal Entries (JEs) to make 1099 corrections for reportable amounts and reportable types. The 1099 corrections in PeopleSoft have to be made in the original documents. In addition, we used JEs and interfaces to include those non-FAMIS 1099 payments we received from departments into FAMIS. PeopleSoft doesn’t have this option anymore.

AOSD can help PDR, DPH and PPSD to generate their 1099s. However, HSS and HSA will need to issue their own because they will not be making payments through PeopleSoft.

  • HSS

As the HSS 1099 files does not go into PeopleSoft, HSS can issue its own 1099's just like RET and Worker's Comp.  HSS may need to purchase a 1099 software.

  • Options for HSA and other departments with non-FAMIS 1099 payments
  1. Departments need to change the payment practice to process the payments in PeopleSoft instead of paying through other systems.
  2. If the payments cannot be processed in PeopleSoft, departments may need to issue their own 1099's and submit to IRS.